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Goodwood Home Farm

If ever a farm should be glamorous, it is Goodwood. The estate of the Dukes of Richmond is home to horse racing and motor racing festivals that are the epitome of retro-chic with a rose-tinted, lavender-scented nostalgia for a time when cars had walnut dashboards and picnics came in wicker baskets rather than plastic boxes.

Goodwood Farm is the largest lowland organic farm in the UK and the first 100% organically-fed dairy in the country. It achieved full organic status in 2004, and the present Duchess of Richmond was one of the Soil Association’s earliest members. She also ran her kitchen garden on organic principles and her son, the Earl of March, is now also committed to organic farming.

With just 200 Dairy Shorthorn cows they are a small producer and keep a really close eye on the herd. The cows graze in the meadow grass, typical of the chalky soil in Sussex, rich in red and white clover, birds-foot-trefoil, hoary plantain and wild basil. This is the ideal diet for a dairy herd, and those flavours all come out in the milk.