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Maple Farm Kelsale

Maple Farm Kelsale

Our family has been farming at Maple Farm in Kelsale for over 60 years. Unlike a lot of farms, it has not changed much during this time. The fields are very small with high hedges around them. We have kept our ancient woodlands as well as planting several new woods in recent years. Our fields are surrounded by wide margins of native grasses and wildflowers that provide a habitat for plants, insects, birds and larger animals. Certified as organic by the Soil Association, we rely on the best bits of modern farming which have taken away many of the back-breaking jobs but otherwise Maple Farm would seem remarkably familiar to our ancestors. Our hens live on rich pastures we have planted for them. Their delicious eggs with dark yellow yolks are proof that they are finding a good diet. Our market garden produces a wide range of fruit and vegetables grown in soils fertilised by natural composts and plants such as clover. One hundred years ago Maple Farm, along with its neighbours, would have been producing all of the fresh food that the local town and villages needed. We hope that this can be the case again.

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Maple Farm Kelsale

Organic Eggs (Mixed)

1/2 Dozen