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Santa Catarina

The global trend towards the exploitation of tuna by large commercial fleets is countered in the Azores by a commitment to quality over quantity. The tuna fish is caught on the Azorean sea, using the Pole and Line method (1 man, 1 fishing rod, 1 fishhook, 1 tuna fish) without any sort of predatory activity, being the only fishing method to be considered Dolphin Safe and environmentally sustainable. It is then manually laboured in Santa Catarina’s factory. The tuna fish is manually laboured, as well as the peeling and preparation of all of the ingredients for the tuna paste, as well as filling the containers and labelling them. All of our tuna pastes are manually laboured, without any kind of emulsifiers, sweeteners, preservatives or any sort of additives or technological aids. Its ingredients, such as the milk, onions, peppers, garlic, parsley, red pepper paste, etc., all have their origin on the Fajãs of São Jorge as well, where all of the ingredients on this recipe are grown and cropped. Once again, this is an exclusively handcrafted product, where the onions, garlic and parsley, are all manually cut with all the love and care of the São Jorge’s people.

São Jorge has 8.000 inhabitants. Santa Catarina’s factory has a canning process that involves local resources and employs 120 women that would hardly find any other paying job on the island. Women on the land… On dry land, women dedicate themselves to processing the fish according to artisanal methods: hand washing, cooking, manual cleaning of skin, bones and dark tuna meat, separation of different parts of the tuna, and canning. The bellies, the richest and fattest part of the tuna, give rise to the “Ventresca”, while the hand-worked backs become Fillets and Steaks. Adding the technology and the best canning techniques to the tuna, it’s ensured the nutritive qualities and the best flavour. Lastly, the tuna is served in fillets in olive oil or in brine, in chunks in olive oil, in vegetable oil or in brine and in pieces in vegetable oil or tomato sauce in pretty and appetizing packaging. The result is a tuna with an unmatched flavour and texture.