Skysprouts - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Skysprouts is a family-based company founded by two very enthusiastic parents wanting to give their children the best food possible. In 1984 they started sprouting seeds and beans in their kitchen on a small farm in Devon and 16 years, 7 children and thousands of tonnes of sprouts later they are still growing them (although the sprouts have got their own ‘kitchen’ now). Since then the company has grown and there are 14 varieties of sprouts ranging from Mix and Mung beansprouts, Alfalfa to Chickpea, and Fenugreek to Radish.

All Skysprouts are grown from organically certified seed and are certified by the Soil Association. Packaged in containers that are resealable and are made from recycled plastic, transported in green crates that are reused hundreds if not thousands of times, using energy from their cold store to heat their growing rooms, all this helps to reduce SkySprouts’ environmental footprint. Their little flock of chickens (Lucy and friends) enjoy any sprouts that are leftover and in return they lay the most golden eggs in Devonshire. Of course, most importantly Skysprouts are delicious and are packed with the vitality of a living food, enhancing sandwiches, salads and as a garnish to as many meals as your culinary imagination will allow.