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Loch Duart

Loch Duart is the loch beside our hatchery where our salmon grow from egg to smolt. Our salmon are unique to us. The stocks have come from our own broodstock which has been developed since the 1970s. On several occasions at the Brussels Seafood Show we have had people ask what species the fish are which we are displaying. We always answer that they are Atlantic Salmon but bred to look streamlined and beautiful like wild salmon.

A fish farming company is a group of people farming fish. That may seem obvious, but the point is that our people are intrinsic to the fish we farm. Our people come from every walk of life and diverse places – and we welcome the energy that people from different backgrounds bring to our farm. Over our history and with this diversity, Loch Duart has developed a suite of principles about how best to farm. These are mostly decided by observation of our salmon and trying to design a farm around them. All of the best food and the best farms are created by designing the way we farm around the animal we farm – not by trying to make the animal fit to our specifications. Loch Duart has collected its views into a farming ethos. And without wanting to sound too pretentious, it’s our beliefs and principles by which we farm. We don’t always meet them, we are committed to recognising our failures and striving to improve.