Sole of Discretion - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery

Sole of Discretion

All our boats are small (under 10 meters long) and carry low horsepower engines. We believe every fish has a value. We take all the landings from the fisherman to reduce waste and avoid the widespread environmentally destructive practice of high grading - where fish not considered optimal are thrown back into the ocean, however many of the fish returned to the water die. Our fisherman are paid an agreed fair price in advance, rather than market price, and as a fisher-owned Community Interest Company, profits go straight back into fishing communities. We provide fish to your plate at a true cost and not at the expense of the sea. We believe in keeping the skills of the inshore small-scale fisher intact and by guaranteeing a fair price and supporting sustainable fishing practices, we’re safeguarding the productive future of our seas. All the fish are caught with static nets (not-trawled) and hand lines.