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The Dorset Dairy Company

It all started 60 years ago when Dan's Grandad moved to Crib House Farm, North Dorset, with just 20 cows and an appetite for adventure. Today the farm is home to 250 Holstein Friesian milking cows, or 'the girls' as they are affectionately known to Dan who now manages the farm. After meeting Alex, an unfulfilled London banker, and converting her to country life, Dan confided his dream of turning the farm’s milk into something special… and so, “Dorset’s answer to Greek Yoghurt” was born.

Dorset Strained Yoghurt is made on the farm using milk straight from its high-welfare cows and nothing is added but live cultures. It takes over 3 litres of milk to make 1 kilo of yoghurt as it is hung up in cheese cloth to strain out the water and lactose. This authentic technique results in a luxurious creamy texture – proper yoghurt, Dorset style.

“By using traditional methods and hard work, we create a yoghurt that’s as unprocessed as can be with the added benefits of being low in sugar and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.”

“We believe that natural, unprocessed food with a clear provenance is the best and healthiest kind of food.”