Tregothnan - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Tregothnan is an historical Cornish Estate and the seat of the Viscount Falmouth. Owned by the Boscawen family since 1334, Tregothnan has the largest private botanic garden in the UK which has pioneered many rare plants and flowers into Britain over many centuries.

Tregothnan is committed to supplying the best of Britain’s seasonal flowers, grown on sustainable land and supplied with the lowest possible ‘flower miles’. Because of this ethos, Tregothnan’s bouquets will change every week throughout the year, giving you the 'pick of the season' in every bunch. British flowers are, in fact, a fleeting moment of true beauty, being allowed to grow naturally without the aid of artificial environments and lighting.

Historically, house flowers were an important part of the gardeners’ duties on Tregothnan Estate and evolved to become a distinct branch of horticulture. The relaxed but luxurious flowers provided for the house were a far cry from the over-worked and strained styles of floristry that have become mainstream. Tregothnan has stayed true to the original and best floristry – fresh and fantastic flowers presented with classic British style.