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Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother of two boys and a corporate lawyer, founded ECO by Naty 20 years ago. Her biodegradable, environmentally-friendly nappies and the number one green alternative when it comes to disposable nappies.

Prompted by a newspaper article reporting on the damaging effect that disposable nappies had on the Swedish environment, Marlene had an environmental awakening: “Like many people of my generation I was becoming much more environmentally aware. At the same time, I had a busy life and I didn’t see a washable nappy fitting into that schedule.”

After five years of research and development, Marlene founded ECO by Naty and launched a biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable nappy onto the market. ECO by Naty nappies are the number one green alternative, thanks to Marlene’s philosophy: “I started my company with the determination to make a high-performance nappy that was friendlier on nature and healthier for your child. ECO by Naty products are all that.”