Ratatouïe - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


At Ratatouïe we are all about fresh, nutritious, beautiful food. With have a range of desserts, as well as our range of freshly made Baby and Toddler food. Our aim is to deliver natural handmade goodness for you and your little ones, together with the convenience.

No added salt or refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no preservatives or fillers are ever present in our food. Just organic fresh ingredients that, from our professional kitchen in Battersea, we happily peel, chop, steam, blend, simmer, bake and then blast-chill to preserve all their qualities. Our products need be kept refrigerated or frozen (in their jars, as those are freeze-able!) for later enjoyment! Those same jars, the safest and ultimate re-usable packaging are also microwavable.

When introducing my baby daughter to solid food, I was determined to give her healthy eating habits from the very start. The first 1000 days have more influence on a child's future than any other times in their life, so I made my mission to nourish all her senses with fresh healthy food. Driven by the belief that babies don't like bland boring food, she experienced a festival of flavours, colours, scents and textures from the onset of weaning. However, as a single mum with a full time financial career on the go, I found myself every night crazily peeling, chopping, steaming, puree-ing, crushing and blending a vast range of delicacies. When I turned to supermarkets for help, the convenient baby food range was colourless, uniformly flavoured, and filled with all sorts of nasties or way too much apples, potatoes, or corn-floured vegetable stock. More importantly, most products had a shelf-life longer than the age of my daughter which can only mean a preservation process that kills all natural forms of nutrients, minerals or vitamins. This is how the idea of RATATOUïE came about. I transformed my passion for food into my mission: to offer parents the best available short-cut to more quality family time. With every meal we concoct and deliver, we provide convenience without any compromise on the goodness of homemade.