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Lily's Kitchen

It all began with Lily, the beloved Border Terrier of our founder Henrietta. Henrietta and her brother Bob the vet had a hunch that Lily’s itchy skin and ears was down to her diet, but none of the foods on the market seemed to make a difference.

It was only when Henrietta started to cook Lily’s food from scratch that her skin condition cleared up.

Concerned about the quality of conventional pet food, Henrietta did some digging and discovered that many dog foods contained little real meat at all, smelt revolting and used incredibly over-processed ingredients. So she decided there and then to take Lily’s recipes from her own kitchen table to the nation’s pet shops and supermarkets.

For two years, Henrietta worked with vets, nutritionists, farmers and kitchens to create her very special, prepared dog food using natural ingredients you can actually recognise, which is why she called it proper food for pets – a food she was happy to feed Lily and happy to recommend to other pet lovers.

Today, Lily’s Kitchen is the UK’s number one ethical pet food brand and sold up and down the country. Lily absolutely loves it, and she’s not the only one – our philosophy of proper food for pets has won legions of canine and feline fans, all benefiting from a healthy, wholesome diet.