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I also want to share the feeling in Argentina where everyone is welcome. Where people are interested in who you are and what you have to say. When you ask an Argentine what they do, they tell you their hobbies and their interests, not their job. Everyone speaks with their hands and their bodies as much as they do with their mouths. Everyone is truly present. In Argentina, Food and Drink is a cause for celebration and socialising, as well as a fuel to live. Typified by the Asados (barbecues) and Maté (tea that is never drunk without the presence of friends), Everything is done together and with passion.   ManíLife’s vision is to harness the power of the Argentine peanut. More than eating healthily, it’s about living happily.   Through this I want to bring people of all ages and passions together, to enjoy and celebrate what I believe is one of the most nutritious, wholesome snacks in the world.   To me this is what “the might of el Maní” really means   There have been a LOT  of challenges   It could have all ended before it begun - we almost flipped the car in a crash on the way to the farm in Argentina - miraculously we were completely unscathed..! Our first ton of peanuts was blitzed in two vitamixes after our manufacturer pulled out. That summer we individually mixed that signature ManíLife crunch in, jar by jar… because we’re idiots...   During the last year and a bit over 100 people have volunteered their time to ManíLife. Without them we would be totally and utterly buggered. They know who they are. I genuinely cannot wait to return the favour.