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Family-run Westlands was established in 1938 in the Vale of Evesham, by the River Avon – an area of historical horticultural excellence (the unique micro-climate making this area particularly good for fruit, asparagus and salad leaf production). From the outset Westlands utilised the latest technology to specialise in crops such as cucumbers, melons and ornamental flowers. They have maintained their entrepreneurial focus and investment in technology ever since – expanding the range to include micro leaves, tender salad leaves and speciality tomatoes. By using the latest hydroponic technology, Westlands are able to grow tasty salads year-round without the use of any pesticides (their integrated crop management strategy includes the use of beneficial insects to control pests). Irrigation water is recycled and a highly efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP) facility generates energy for the National Grid. All of this means sustainably-produced, locally-grown, pesticide-free produce available throughout the year.

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