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Olly's Olives

An absolute olive fanatic with a mission to provide the best tasting and most natural olive products to the UK whilst also adding a bit of funk! The idea for a snack pouch of olives began two years ago. After some research into the market, Olly realised the few olive products out there were committing olive treason by pasteurising them – a process which blasts the products at high temperatures and ruins their texture, taste and incredible nutritional value – and also using artificial preservatives. It was time to stand up for olive comrades and get marinating!

Having started out in his parent’s kitchen and moving on to the market stall, Olly's Olives are award-winning olives, packaged in the world’s first unpasteurised snack pouch with no artificial preservatives. All the packs use the finest Greek Halkidiki olives and are marinated using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some seriously punchy flavours.