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Dyfi Distillery

Brothers Danny & Pete opened the Dyfi Distillery in 2016 following 2 years of research and development. Pete moved to the remarkable Dyfi Valley 35 years ago to study environmental biology, and has since foraged, kept bees and hill-farmed there. Danny brought along a wine logic: that things are more fascinating when they taste of where they come from. So together they set out to make a very high quality, genuinely small batch gin, precision-distilled with a sense of place. The place itself is recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.

The two years of research were necessary. They needed two full seasons in the valley to study the flora, and edit down not only 60 possible wild botanicals, but also when during the season each botanical would give its best. Eventually, they settled on 20 native wild foraged botanicals to blend with 9 ‘classic’ gin botanicals for our Pollination Gin.

After much more research they decided that they wanted to co-distil all botanicals together (this gives the flavours, breadth and integration wanted, also because of some of the preparation methods) in the classic pot style, but wanted some of the precision that ideas like vacuum distilling offer. So, they settled on two small (100 litre) stills made in Colorado for them, which they further customised after shipping. This design allowed them to control things like maceration temperature, transfer time, reflux and copper contact, and then deep clean between every single distillation. So, also because of the complex preparations, their process is time-consuming, and limits production.