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Antler & Bird

Theo and Alex became friends working in a farm shop and café in the Cotswolds, Alex as head of wine and Theo as head of coffee. They found a mutual interest in their appreciation for expertly produced products primarily focused on taste. One evening, they were complaining about the inconsistency of bought coffee and agreed that it would be amazing if, like wine, you could bottle the finished product. With Alex’s business experience in founding a pop-up wine bar, Brit Pop, and Theo’s award-winning knowledge of coffee, they decided they would be the perfect team to make their dream a reality. This was the birth of Antler & Bird Cold Brew Coffee.

While Theo fine-tuned his knowledge working as a barista in Bath, going on to win the Welsh Aeropress Championship, Alex focused on how they could structure their business and find a place in the market for their drink. Six months later, the first bottle of Antler & Bird Cold Brew had been filled, labelled, sold and drunk. Antler & Bird now supplies shops, cafés, hotels and restaurants around the country. The taste revolution has begun and Antler & Bird plans to take it on, one bottle at a time.