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Sharpham Park

The farm specialises in growing and milling spelt, a nutritious and healthy ancient grain, and rears rare breed White Park cattle, red deer and Hebridean and Manx Loughtan sheep.

Sharpham Park, the food brand, began in 2005 when Roger Saul, founder of the fashion label Mulberry, moved from the world of fashion into food. Spelt became his `hero' product and the farm now produces a range of delicious products which are traceable from field to fork.

Sharpham Park is a 300 acre historic park close to Glastonbury in Somerset, dating back to the Bronze Age. The first known reference to Sharpham Park is a grant by King Edwig to the Thegn (Minister) Aethelwold in 957. In 1191 the park was given to the Abbots of Glastonbury by King John I who remained in possession of it until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.