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Fernhill Farm

We acquired Fernhill farm in 1997 in a dilapidated state having been severely under-financed since the 1950’s - the buildings were ruins, hedgerows overgrown, walls unrecognisable and a single water trough to serve the whole farm. Since then Jen and I have been rehabilitating the landscape under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) and Higher Level Entry Scheme (HLS) guidelines. Almost 20 years later Fernhill is an efficient livestock breeding farm; hedge are re-established and our house is a family home again

Our Shetland ewes spend the Autumn months on top of the Mendip hills feasting on flavoursome herbs ready for the tupping season in November. April lambing & Calving in mid-Summer ensures our fields come alive with the sounds of motherhood

Incorporating Fernhill as the maternal safe base, all our sheep and cows become efficient land management tools when travelling around the Mendip hills at various times of the year seeking fresh clean pastures – we believe soil activity is an essential element for the health of our struggling planet & thus, large mobs graze intensively for short periods of time to create a natural grazing system

We also have British Saddleback Pigs that forage across our woodlands. Now on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's 'Watch List' the Saddleback is known to be a very hardy breed well suited to an extensive woodland life. It is only in woodland that we have seen pigs lead a fully natural life, spending the entire day foraging for the fruits of the forest, acorns, beech nuts and blackberry roots amongst their favourites, and building nests from woodland materials as nature intended

All our Beef, Lamb and Pork is Dry Aged and butchered by our friend Luke at Meat Box