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Brogdale Fine Fruits

Brogdale's fruit season starts at the end of May with alpine strawberry varieties. Following this are multi-coloured raspberries, an astounding array of cherries (over 300 varieties are grown in the orchard!), plums, damsons, quinces, medlars, pears, and of course, their famous apples. 1,500 years of apple history resides within the Brogdale orchards with the Decio apple - quite possibly the oldest variety of apple in existence, thought to date back to Roman times. Henry VIII had his own, extensive fruit gardens just a few miles from Brogdale Farm, and some of the varieties that he enjoyed still feature in the orchard. There are 2,200 varieties grown on the farm - but generally just a couple of trees of each; likewise there are 550 varieties of pears, and over 350 cherries and plums. Visitors are encouraged to spend a day at Brogdale, roaming through the orchards and taking in the amazing spectacle of so many different varieties of fruit all in one place.