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Serge Faust

This 30-hectare estate has been organically certified since 1969. For twenty-five years the Faust vineyards have prospered without the use of any chemicals, giving fine quality grapes with just the right levels of sugar and acidity for champagne. Serge Faust’s daughter Joelle and her husband Jose Ardinat, along with their son Christophe manage the estate and the cellar. As a Propriétaire-récoltant, or owner / grower, they grow all their grapes in their own vineyards, and the wines are made in their own cellar. This is an important place to start with the family’s story because it is a rare thing in Champagne to have all aspects of production under the same roof. Rarer still, at Serge Faust, all vineyards all certified organic. Jose took over the day to day operations from Serge Faust in 1984, but the family still works together. When it comes time to blend different vats into each Cuvée, three generations gather around a table and pull from more than a century of combined experience with each parcel and each grape.