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Hive & Keeper

The taste, colour and texture of honey varies so much, from dark brown to almost white, from spicy to nutty and fruity, and from runny smooth to deliciously set with a granular bite or marshmallow smoothness. Experiencing the differences between honeys from different apiaries and harvests is huge fun and never fails to delight and surprise people who, like Emily, are used to the usual homogenised blended honey that’s designed to have the same taste jar after jar. So Hive & Keeper celebrates the diversity of our bees’ work by keeping each honey separate; no blending, heating or fine filtering. Instead each honey we sell is unique and sold in limited-edition batches with the name of the beekeeper, location of apiary and its taste type (fruity, nutty, caramel, floral, spicy or fresh) on each jar. We are as proud of our honeys as the beekeepers who harvested it are and we love giving them a platform to properly show off their honey and bees.

Each year Emily takes to the road to discover British honey that's pure, taken straight from the hive and left as the bees made it. She visits each apiary and explores the surrounding area to see where the honey came from, and to learn more about the bees and beekeeper that made it. It’s very important that every beekeeper Emily works with is a good custodian of our honey bee population and looks after them properly, with enthusiasm and great care.