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Godminster Dairy

Life at Godminster is governed by a healthy respect for tradition and an enterprising spirit of innovation. You could say that we’re bringing tradition up-to-date! This applies to both the way that we farm and how we decide what we should produce. Everything grown at Godminster is certified organic by the Soil Association, who inspect our farm at least once a year.

Our aim at Godminster Farm is to create a self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish, rather than erode our delicate ecosystem on the farm from the effects of artificial, intensive farming. Over the last decade, we have created and restored numerous natural habitats and native species have returned. Our ideal of maximising sustainability involves the use of all these habitats, which in turn foster a wealth of benefits.

The UK government has said that organic farming is kinder to wildlife and the environment, causes lower contamination from sprays, has a lower carbon footprint and less dangerous waste. A cleaner environment encourages biodiversity. This includes birds, insects, mammals and plants.