Shrbdrinks - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Being teetotal and trying to live a low-sugar lifestyle can make life a little complicated – not to mention turning fine meals into something of a lonesome affair.

Enter /shrb, the ‘Prohibition’ soda...

The name ‘shrub’ first appeared in print in October 1747 in the Gentleman’s Magazine London and referred to a drink made with vinegar left-over from preserving fruits & herbs. Hugely popular during the Prohibition in America, it was drunk as an alcohol substitute for its characteristic 'kick'.

Inspired by Prohibition-era shrub making, our drinks are made by steeping ingredients in apple cider vinegar for several days to capture their raw flavours. Adding spring water and a light touch of fizz creates the perfect soda… lightly sweet with subtle flavours, and that famous 'Prohibition' kick at the end.

The drinks are also naturally low in sugar (5g per 100ml), and vinegar’s palate cleansing abilities return fine dining to the complicated affairs that they should so rightly be!