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Goodman’s Geese is a diverse family run farm, located in the heart of the beautiful county of Worcestershire. Walsgrove Farm nestles between the Abberley Hills and Woodbury Hill in the Village of Great Witley. Family members include brothers Andrew and Michael Goodman, their parents Geoff & Judy with all the extended family helping during the busy times. The farm extends to 500 acres, which consists of 100 acres of grassland used for the 4500 geese, 4500 Bronze turkeys & 130 longhorn cattle all of which graze free range over the pasture land. 370 acres of land is used to grow arable crops including wheat, barley, oats, beans & oil seed rape which are used for feeding to the geese turkeys & cattle. The straw is used as bedding and recycled back onto the land as fertilizer. The aim of the family is to only sell products of the highest quality, focusing on the health & welfare of the poultry & cattle to produce the tastiest most succulent meat from animals that have been well looked after and happy

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