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BreadBread Bakery

BreadBread Bakery

BreadBread founder, Bridget Hugo, has been working with slow 24-hour fermentation since she first started making sourdough pizza at Franco Manca, a restaurant business she co-founded in Brixton Market in 2008. Bridget developed the dough recipe and used the wood fired ovens at Franco Manca at night to bake bread. People couldn’t get enough of her loaves and so BreadBread was born. Bridget and her team of bakers firmly believe in the worldwide tradition of proper slow baking (as discovered on travels in Southern Italy). This beautifully simple tradition creates the perfect conditions for flavour to fully develop naturally; from good quality stone ground organic flours with no additives that are allowed to ferment properly and loaves that are baked in wood fire ovens. It’s this approach to dough-making that is at the heart of her bread’s improved digestibility and flavour. At their bakery in Brixton, the team use sustainable wood-burning ovens to make their signature hearth-baked loaves. Bakers are trained to use two large Panyol brick ovens - made from heat resistant white clay from Larnage in France based on methods developed in the 1840s - which are carefully fired then loaded and unloaded using long-armed beech peels (a long-armed shovel-like tool used by bakers). The oven temperature naturally falls during the bake, which helps to lock in flavour and create their unmistakable caramelised crust. By reviving these age-old techniques, BreadBread are dedicated to ensuring you have the opportunity to taste the most authentic bread. It’s so good they named it twice! >*‘Farmdrop is brilliant because they directly connect people with really good products. They are one of the few who truly celebrate London’s producers and recognise our community of artisanal food-makers right in the heart of the capital.’* **Bridget Hugo, BreadBread**

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BreadBread Bakery

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