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Roots Beverage Co.

Jamie has always been hugely passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. So whilst he flicked through the pages of a cocktail recipe book he received as a birthday present in early 2015, he wondered what it would take to make healthier alternatives to the delicious drinks. He set about creating his own version of traditional mixers, but using honey as a healthier sweetener. After brewing the first few batches in his parents’ utility room, Jamie knew the sugar substitute he was using was in increasingly short supply, due to the huge decline in honey bees in recent years.

With sustainability always at the heart of his entrepreneurial spirit, he launched a mission to protect the precious honey bee, by promising to reinvest 10% of profits into bee-related projects. The drinks soon became popular through sales at food and drink markets, shops and supermarkets across the Isle of Man production moved to a bigger home in Douglas, the capital.