JING - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Our sourcing ethos is simple. Large tea companies have commoditised tea and driven down prices, leaving very little in the value chain for the workers. We inspire people to value the product and the craft, by introducing them to the world’s best teas. We work directly with tea growers and small gardens, packaging at source so that our tea is drunk as fresh as when it left the garden. Our teas celebrate some of the finest expressions of authentic provenance, tell stories of outstanding skill, and taste exceptional.

‘We’re revolutionising tea culture - away from dull, tasteless & commoditised tea towards great tasting tea leaves that express the unique taste of their origin and tea maker. We believe that sourcing and selling tea which provides the best taste experience for consumers - and the best future for the people and places that make the tea - is the only way to truly enjoy the highest quality tea at its best.’ Ed Eisler

The tea of choice for the world’s leading chefs, totalling 93 Michelin stars, enjoy discovering Tea at its Best with JING.