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Domaine Gilles Robin

Domaine Gilles Robin is born from the passion of Louis Pasquion (great-grandfather of Gilles) for the vines. In 1920, he decided to buy a beautiful 1.24 hectares’ plot and to produce a wine for his own consumption. Wine amateur, he made a very good choice with this first parcel as the quality of the grapes is, at best years, equal to the beautiful Hermitage. This is the reason why Albéric Bouvet, great-grandfather of gilles, regularly received traders who wanted to get a portion of his production to elaborate their top cuvees. And in 1926, Albéric, also a wine lover, decided to slightly develop the estate and started to study the complexity of the Syrah grapes. He initiated new winemaking processes such as the vinification of the best grapes in demi-muids. Michel, Gilles’ father, was born in this environment of wine passionates and brought a fabulous dynamism. In 1965, he acquired 2-3 hectares and began a long work in the vineyards from replanting to developing the domain through the acquisitions of new terroirs. In 1996, when Gilles took over the estate, the total property was 10 hectares.

Today Gilles Robin Estate owns a 40 years old vineyard on average which has always been treated with a great respect of the nature. Ploughed soils, use of compost and organic fertilizer, 100% manual works, organic manure, always natural and respectful of the environment. Nothing has changed in the traditional methods used by the past generations. Owner of a 15 hectares’ property, the estate perpetuates the family tradition based on a constant research of the maximal complexity of Syrah grapes. Pursuing this goal, the estate uses Syrah grapes on the Crozes Hermitage Appelation and also on a magnificent terroir in Saint Joseph. Moreover, it also owns old vines of Marsanne grapes to get even further into this fabulous adventure in Rhone Valley.