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De Luca Mozzarella

We are Italian artisans producing cheese in the traditional way respecting our Nonno Antonio recipes that have been passed on from father to son. All the De Luca cheeses are made locally in Wiltshire using 100% all natural, fresh, British organic certified milk from a neighbouring free range farm.

It all have started in the 1930s in Latina Italy where our grandfather “Nonno Antonio” had a small herd of cows. With the help of experienced local cheese makers he learnt the art of making mozzarella, ricotta, burrata and all the other pasta filata cheeses. Now thanks to him today we are producing those cheeses in the UK.

De Luca’s philosophy is based on a combination of science and artisanal recipes, integrating the traditional values of Italian cheesemaking with local, fresh organic cow's milk from the English countryside to produce the finest fior di latte, burrata, provolone and ricotta cheese.

We aim to play our part in building a sustainable future by using organic products and recycled materials, supporting the local community and ensuring British farmers are paid a fair price for their milk.

In order to guarantee the best quality products, we wanted to ensure our milk came from the best environment. The choice for us was easy, Wiltshire! It hosts excellent organic soil, great biodiversity and, especially, a great community to welcome our project.