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Farm Wilder x The Story

Farm Wilder x The Story

Farm Wilder is a group of producers in the South West, chosen for the exceptional biodiversity on their farms and their regenerative approach to managing the land. It started with a simple premise – that grazing livestock are central to the health and diversity of our most vibrant ecosystems and that, if managed right, cattle and sheep are able to help maintain the few wildly diverse grassland habitats we have left, and restore those we have lost. In turn, everything else begins to fall into place - biological life returns to the soils, enabling the storage of vast amounts of water and carbon, livestock live out their lives in their natural environment, and farmers produce nutritious and utterly delicious food. To make this a reality we partnered up with farmers, mostly around the edges of Dartmoor where threads of wonderful rough grassland are still managed with beef cattle and sheep. These include Cat Frampton at Great Houndtor Farm, Russell Retallick at Bagtor Barton and John Savory at Zeal Farm. Their animals graze through rough grassland and wood pasture on and around areas of the moorland fringe where cuckoos breed alongside large numbers of skylarks, stonechats, yellowhammers, linnets, fritillary butterflies and other wildlife that struggle in the more intensive lowland landscape. Cat’s and Russell’s cattle follow a similar journey to most of our beef animals, starting life on the uplands before moving to our regenerative lowland finishers such as Johnny Haimes at West Sherford and Carolyn Richards at Ashridge Court, where they spend their final months getting fat on a 100% pasture fed diet. Further afield, we work with Luke Hasell at Heron’s Green Farm by Chew Valley Lake, a regenerative beef farm that is restoring the land to its former glory. Over the last two decades, Luke has been reintroducing wildflower meadows, planting large areas of woodland and allowing hedges to spread into fields to blur the line between woodland and pasture. We have developed a robust approach to monitoring the environmental quality of farms and helping the farmers develop regenerative plans, which we revisit with them every year. To help us with this, we have teamed up with groups including the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, The Woodland Trust and A Greener World, who help the farmers with regenerative practices like agroforestry and meadow restoration, and in turn can feed innovative ideas from our farmers into the wider farming community.

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Farm Wilder x The Story

Wildlife Friendly Sirloin Steak

1 Steak (min. 250g)



Farm Wilder x The Story

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Farm Wilder x The Story

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1 Fillet (500g)


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