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Carteron St Tropez

The Domaine of Thomas & Cecile Carteron is situated in the commune of La Londe in a valley surrounded by the Massif des Maures and extends for over hundred hectares on sun-drenched slopes and a landscape of rocks of schists with veins of quartz. The soils are planted with 20ha of vines and 7 ha of olives. In the summer the location of the valley near the sea allows cooling breezes which leads to a slower and more progressive maturation of the grapes, giving the wines fine aromatic structure. Yields are very low (30 hl/ha) and organic manures are used. Harvests are completely manual over the course of six weeks, always in the morning when temperatures are cooler. The estate waits until there is an optimal balance of sugars, acids and polyphenols before starting the harvest, parcel by parcel.