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Terre di Marca

Terre di Marca are known as a trendsetter for ethical production and organic farming. Founded in 1960, the main goal of the winery has from the start been to improve the quality of Veneto’s wines and to develop Veneto’s countryside. Much effort has been put into improving the quality both in the vineyards and in the cellars – after a stringent selection only the best grapes are made into wine.

The aim of the winery is to make quality wines with methods that are sustainable and have minimal environmental impact. The basic principle of working the vineyards is to respect the natural diversity and to trust in nature’s own balance. The solar panels at the property create enough energy for the whole of Terre di Marca and in the future they plan to use biomass energy from the cut vines.

Currently the winery is run by Katia and Giovanni of the third generation. A team of young wine professionals help them out. If Giovanni is the senior of the group at 30yo one can truly say that Terre de Marca runs on youthful energy.