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The Spice Sultan

I would work on her farmers market stall where she would sell her home made curry sauces and freshly cooked onion bhajis (still the best onion bhajis I’ve ever tasted by the way!) My interest in food grew as I got older, especially after travelling around the world discovering different cuisines – which ignited my passion for food even further!

Eventually I started working as a chef and was keen to learn as much about cooking as possible. I worked in a variety of cafes and restaurants including an award winning Indian restaurant in Bristol called the Thali Cafe. I loved my time there, and learnt so much from the Indian chefs who taught me many skills such as the art of Dosa making!…giant Indian pancakes, much harder to make than you might think!

My idea of making spice recipe kits came to me whilst working as a chef. I realised the difference in flavour of food when cooking with freshly ground spices. You just can’t get that same taste when using spices from a jar, as they loose their fragrance quickly once opened.

I began making up some spice kits and selling them at local artisan food markets, and even took some down to the south of France to sell at my friends food stall at the local night market in the summer!