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Meat Box

Luke farms his organic beef at his home – Herons Green Farm in the Chew Valley – where traditional native breeds of North and South Devon cattle are grass fed on lush pasture. He also works with local small scale farmers in the Chew Valley who supply into his new Bristol Butchery 'Meat Box' in Cargo, Wapping Wharf. . They don't have to be organic however native breeds are chosen that are somewhat smaller in carcass yields but much sweeter tasting meat. There cows also thrive on our luscious Somerset pastures and can finish off grass alone. Beef is dry aged for 30 days+. During this time, enzymes present in the muscles start to break down the connective tissues making the beef tender and the flavour starts to intensify. Every time you buy off us you are directly helping the recovery of wildlife, helping to build soils and taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

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