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Totally Wild Food

Totally Wild Food

Some of the most exciting ingredients I've ever tasted I've found out in the wild - right there in front of me all of this time. I remember trying my first leaf of Sea Corriander and being completely blown away. I thought - I've been walking straight over this stuff for years presuming it's grass - I quite literally couldn't believe the flavour I was tasting. Since then the exploration has been ongoing, flowers that taste like pineapple or Turkish delights, seaweed that tastes like beef jerky - the list of new flavours is still growing" Totally Wild helps support foragers, the art of foraging and take a responsible role in the sustainable collection of wild food, allowing nature to flourish as we interact with wild spaces. We believe in safe foraging for everyone involved, we are rather strict on our in house risk assessments, training and development because we want you to have a truly fantastic and memorable experience of wild and foraged foods. After developing the UK's first Ofqual accreditation in Foraging and Wild Food James's team of foragers grew and flourished into a fantastic group. There are now 12 foragers at Totally Wild Food all bringing a vast amount of previous experience to the group; herbalists, dieticians, chefs, land managers & biodiversity specialists, together they've developed harvesting practices and land management agreements that help support the land & wild spaces where they handpick these incredible ingredients. They have a forager tracking system, carry out pesticide tests & soil sample tests meaning they can be certain of the safety of their produce and can trace the ingredients your enjoying to within 5 metres of where they were harvested. The team is spread out over the entire of the UK, from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye and the ethos at Totally Wild Food is "pick little amounts from lots of different locations" helping to minimise their impact. You can find our foragers out in the Sea, walking through the woods and combing the hedgerows for the next perfectly wild ingredient to find its way to your table.

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Totally Wild Food

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