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Bionova wants to work with you to make organic food affordable, accessible and available, in order to make a positive contribution to the world we live in. We are a family company establised in 1983 by Frans Andringa, as a distributor of organic cheese, and over the past 30 years the business has grown to become a multifunctional production company working solely with organic food products. The current Andringa generation continues to build on the strong foundations laid over the past years with the same passion and ideals, combining this with innovative strength, modern and cost-effective processes and a customer-focused approach. All this makes FZ Organic Food a unique strategic partner to help build your organic business.

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Organic Fine French Mustard

1 Jar (180g)



Organic Sour Gherkins

1 Large Jar (680g)



Organic Sweet & Sour Gherkins

1 Jar (330g)