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Court Lodge Organics

Court Lodge Organics

Grass Roots Grazing. Court Lodge is a family farm run by the Hardings and a small team of local people. Sustainability and encouragement of biodiversity are important elements of our farming system, as is the wellbeing of our cows. The farm provides homes for many plants, insects, bees, birds, mammals & butterflies (including some rare ones!) as well as the precious Troliloes dairy herd. Our yogurts are made with care and attention in our small farm dairy using milk that comes straight from the cows and is pasteurised but not homogenised, before making into a range of yogurt products using probiotic cultures, all organically certified with Soil Association.

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Court Lodge Organics

Organic Labneh

1 Bottle (~160g)



Court Lodge Organics

Organic Natural Pouring Yoghurt