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Everything we do on the farm revolves around maximising the natural qualities of our fresh raw milk. By keeping our cows happy and our land healthy, we do our best to ensure the milk is full of vitality, richness and 'friendly' bacteria. Then it comes down to our skills and practices in the dairy to best express the milk's richness in the finished cheese. We don't believe in forcing a particular flavour or finish onto a cheese, we want the milk to lead the way and determine its own character in the finished product. At Westcombe we believe that cheese is only as good as the milk it's made from, and that milk is only as good as the cows that produce it and the land they graze. By focusing on all these details, we aim to make cheese that is not only wholesome and a joy to eat, but which is honest to and redolent of the countryside that produces it. So whether it's in the deep, nutty complexity of our Cheddar, the grassy, lactic tang of our Caerphilly, or the fresh, dairy richness of our Somerset Ricotta, our cheeses wouldn't be what they are without the unique qualities of the natural Westcombe terroir.

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1 Pot (250g)