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Montezuma's Chocolate

Montezuma's Chocolate

The ideals we started out with have stayed with us and are firmly rooted. We are very proud of our products where substance wins over style, where sustainable and organic business growth wins over greed and where our Trading Fairly Policy sweeps a path of ethics covering everything from how we work with suppliers, how much packaging we use, how we dispose of rubbish to how ingredients are farmed. As a small family business we try pretty damn hard to ensure we do a good job with equity and integrity. In the end what matters is that we produce a great product and we do it in a way that makes sense in the long term. We changed our direction in life because we wanted something different and we are striving towards a business that can also offer something different to our partners.

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Montezuma's Chocolate

Organic Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar

1 Calendar (350g)