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Holden Farm Dairy

Holden Farm Dairy

We only use the raw (unpasteurised) milk from our 75 Ayrshire cows to make Hafod. Ayrshire milk is rich in butterfat and protein, and is widely regarded as being ideally suited to cheesemaking. It is this unique combination of organic Ayrshire milk and traditional cheesemaking techniques that give Hafod its buttery, rich and nutty flavours. The name - Hafod (pronounced Havod) – is Welsh for summer place or pasture. In our farm’s case, Hafod is an area of meadow next to the river Aeron where the cows graze when they are not being milked. Bwlchwernen Fawr has been farmed organically for over 40 years, by Patrick Holden, CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust.