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Haye Farm Devon

Haye Farm Devon

Since taking over the farm in 2014, owners Harry, Emily and their team have been developing vegetable, soft fruit and herb gardens. A 66-acre mixed organic farm set in the breathtaking rolling hills of East Devon, Haye Farm is tucked away behind the village of Musbury – a wonderful setting easily accessible to the nearby Jurassic coast. The aspiration of Haye Farm is to create sustainable food systems, which support high levels of productivity whilst encouraging an increase in biodiversity and wildlife. Rather than viewing each individual element on the farm as a single entity we view them in terms of the role they play in the wider system where each elements’ externalities support all other elements. Our systems are rotational, everything is continually moving, our moveable chicken coops are always on the move. This improves soil fertility, ensuring crop productivity whilst maintaining healthy plant and animal welfare. It also eliminates the buildup of disease, parasites, pests, nitrates and other negative impacts on the land and environment. The long-term ambition of the farm is to create a fully integrated system, which is not reliant on any external inputs. Through embracing these practices, we aim to produce the highest quality produce in terms of taste, nutritional value and animal welfare.

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Haye Farm Devon

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