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We believe that Organic does not need to be expensive or for the select few, great quality organic products should be fun, fresh and affordable, so we strive to achieve fair priced products that deliver good results. ORGANii evolved from a plethora of organic products available in Europe that were not available in UK. In some ways it is an umbrella of innovative organic products that have been discovered and brought together as a growing family. We do not 'create' anything at ORGANii, we simply source unique products from similarly minded, ethical manufactures and make them available in the UK. We design our packaging to be as informative and transparent as possible so you know exactly what you are buying. While the products we select for the range are always new and innovative, the packaging often reflects the country of origin and not the expectations of the UK consumer. We hope that by repacking into our fresh and lively design these unique and innovative products will attract the attention of consumers and increase the use and awareness of organic products.

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Organic Rose Liquid Soap
SPF 20 Sun Milk

1 Bottle (100ml)
SPF 15 Anti Ageing Facial Sun Cream
After Sun Cream

1 Bottle (150ml)