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The Yorkshire Pasta Company

The Yorkshire Pasta Company

When it comes to pasta, we are as passionate as they get! After taking a leap of faith to pursue our dreams, we began building our business in the summer of 2019, with an ambition to develop, produce and sell premium quality YORKSHIRE PASTA. Having spent many hours studying the high quality pasta producers of Italy, often family run artisan businesses themselves, we have learnt, practised and refined their traditional methods. Combining these techniques with our locally milled wheat flour ensures that we create the most superb tasting and perfectly textured YORKSHIRE PASTA every time. So far on this incredible journey, we have made life-long friends, gathered invaluable knowledge and experience and eaten a LOT of pasta. We cannot wait to see what the future holds and are so excited to share our products with you!

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The Yorkshire Pasta Company

02 Penne Rigate

1 Pack (500g)