Organic Eggs (12 Pullet)


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We believe that our eggs should be good for you, good for our hens, and good for the land.

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Haresfield Farm says

At the heart of this philosophy is the welfare of our hens. We keep our hens happy and healthy by keeping them in smaller flocks, fed on a healthy diet free from GM, chemical or hormone additives and with plenty of access to the outdoors, where they can behave naturally - roaming, scratching and looking for food.

We don't use chemical fertilisers or pesticides on our land - instead we work with nature, rotate areas and gain a little assistance from some of the farms four legged friends to keep the soil naturally rich and nutritious.

Storage Information

Best to keep these eggs cool (around 10°C). If you refrigerate allow 30mins before you use them

Shelf Life

Minimum 14 days

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Organic Eggs (Pullet)

1/2 Dozen