Pasture Raised Bath White Eggs (Mixed)


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Our gorgeous hens roam the farm, forage amongst the wildflowers, and produce the most delicious tinted brown coloured eggs. Our farm is in Organic conversion, which means we farm organically and our chucks are fed a completely organic certified diet. We're just not allowed to call them organic yet! Eggs are super fresh, being delivered to your door within a few days of being laid. Perfect for poaching!

Produced in:

Neston Estate, Wiltshire

New MacDonalds Farm says

There’s big plans afoot for the farm – Matt is in the process of building a shed for 1,000 more hens (still tiny compared to the maximum flock size for free range egg laying hens of 16,000!) Our new shed itself can house 1,500 chickens but by stocking the shed with a smaller number of birds, it makes for happier birds. At the moment, the new shed is still just a shell but Matt assures us that it will be ready for the ladies arrival. The chickens are fed a totally organic diet, including organic corn, flax, and kelp and even the water is treated. Water in the Bath area is particularly hard so at the moment the farmers are hand treating it so that it gets to the ideal PH for the animals. There is a plan to get an automated water treatment in place.

Storage Information

Best to keep these eggs cool (around 10°C). If you refrigerate allow 30mins before you use them

Shelf Life

Minimum 14 days

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