Organic Spanish Clementines


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  • Organic
  • Plastic-free


These Clementines from Hector and the growers at Biovergel are sweet and juicy, and are a must have basket addition at this time of year.

Produced in:

Valencia, Spain

Biovergel says

PLEASE NOTE: These Clementines are early season and consequently the skins may have green hues. Green skins are perfectly normal at this time of year, and the flavour will be as delicious as ever. Frequently, citrus fruits are chemically ripened in order to make their skins more uniform in colour. This input is purely aesthetic and is not a process we sign up to at Farmdrop.

Meet Biovergel


Hector Lopez founded Biovergel in 2000 with the objective of creating a sustainable, socially conscious and environmentally friendly development of agriculture in the area of La Safor, La Ribera and La Costera (Valencia). Nowadays Hector works in collaboration with more than 30 local small farms, all of them certified as producers of organic fruits and vegetables by the Committee of Ecology of Valencia. His relationship with the farmers is solid, based in trust and understanding, and they produce some of the finest Spanish produce available. After receiving his degree at the University of Valencia in Agricultural Engineering in the 90s, Hector moved to France to pursue his passion in Organic growing. At the time, France had a far more established network of Organic growers compared to Spain, and Hector therefore decided it was the best place to start his career. After a number of years working and living in France he returned to Spain as the chief buyer for a French Organic Distributor. Nowadays Hector works independently with his network of small growers, using his wealth of knowledge in the industry, and having followed his passion for sustainable agriculture.

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