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Brogdale have focused their efforts on growing alpine strawberry varieties including Mara Des Bois, Gariguette and Mariguette. While these might be familiar to our French neighbours, these are rarely grown in the UK.

Produced in:Kent


Brogdale Fine Fruits says:

We grow three alpine varieties - Mara Des Bois, Gariguette and Mariguette - which come through at different times and are picked daily when they reach peak ripeness. Each punnet will display information about the variety you receive.

Storage Information

These are delicate strawberries picked when ripe; they, therefore, should be consumed very quickly as will not keep for long! Keep refrigerated, wash before use.

Meet Brogdale Fine Fruits

Brogdale's fruit season starts at the end of May with alpine strawberry varieties. Following this are multi-coloured raspberries, an astounding array

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