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More subtle in it's flavour, this tonic made in Bermondsey has none of that over powering bitter sweetness associated with some high street tonics.


Bermondsey Mixer Co says:

A subtle citrus profile gives the tonic a zing of it's own but the defining character of Bermondsey Tonic is its rounded tone; Light, crisp & incredibly kind with whatever you choose to mix it with. Due to the use of Cinchona Bark & the lack of chemi


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, cinchona (natural quinine)

Bermondsey Tonic

Bermondsey Mixer Co

4 Bottles (200ml)

£4.65 £3.25

Meet Bermondsey Mixer Co

At London gin bar "214 Bermondsey", Nick Crispini set out to bring together the widest array of gins from the best

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