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A selection of gorgeous kale varieties in a larger 500g pack. The perfect accompaniment for family Sunday roasts, or a weekly sized pack for those who enjoy kale with every meal!

Produced in:Kent


Chegworth Valley says:

We have selected the best available varieties of dark, leafy greens for a large mixed bag.

Storage Information

Store in the fridge for 3-5 days. Store away from ethylene producer (such as apples), as these can cause the leaves to yellow prematurely.

Kale Mix

Chegworth Valley

1 Bag (min. 500g), 7.00/kg


Meet Chegworth Valley


‘Farmdrop links us with people who share our passion for great quality food and drinks. And having orders placed direct to us means there is no risk and no waste.’

­David Deme, Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley, owned and run by two generations of the Deme family, is famous for its award­-winning juices.

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