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The name originated when this pear variety won first prize at the National British Pear Conference in 1885. It develops sweetness and flavour before it ripens, so it can be eaten while still crunchy.

Produced in:Kent


Chegworth Valley says:

We planted our first crop in the early 90's and they have been producing deliciously sweet pears ever since. Pears ripen from the seeds out, so eat them when they are just soft at the base of the stalk - this indicates they are ripe and ready to eat!

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Storage Information

To ripen pears, store them at room temperature for 2-3 days. Since these fruits become more fragile as they ripen, try to store them loosely in a bowl or on a plate. When ripe, most pears will give slightly when pressed gently near the stem. Once a pear hits its peak ripeness, transfer it to the fridge and eat within a few days.

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‘Farmdrop links us with people who share our passion for great quality food and drinks. And having orders placed direct to us means there is no risk and no waste.’

­David Deme, Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley, owned and run by two generations of the Deme family, is famous for its award-winning juices. They also supply

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